Running a charity and seeing the difference it makes to the lives of the people your charity helps can be incredibly rewarding. However, some tasks can be time consuming and take you away from your front line work.

We can help with routine tasks such as completing your Annual Return to the Charity Commission, or with one off projects such as developing your policies and procedures or improving the way you manage your charity.

Our Management Review Services will guide you through essential self-assessment checks to make sure your charity is running as effectively and efficiently as possible. All of our Run a Charity Services follow Charity Commission and sector best practice guidance, so you can show your beneficiaries, supporters and funders that your charity is being properly run and that you are committed to continuous improvement.

If you do experience problems managing your charity, or just need some advice about complying with best practice guidance, we offer a bespoke advisory service. If need be we will correspond with the Charity Commission on your behalf, leaving you more time to run your charity and get back on track as quickly as possible.


Help with running your charity 

We can assist with routine charity administration tasks that you need extra help with or may not have time to do. Examples of the administration services we offer include:  

  • Complete your Annual Return to the Charity Commission;
  • Writing key policies such as a Reserves Policy.


Our services are offered on a fixed price basis so you can choose the support you need to suit your budget.

We highly recommend using our free Reserves Calculator. The Calculator guides you through the steps required for setting a reserves policy using a risk-based approach. A good reserves policy will show funders and other stakeholders that you are managing your charity’s finances properly and will help you to better understand your charity’s future funding needs and its overall financial wellbeing. If you need help drafting your Reserves Policy, we will use the information you enter into the Calculator to create a draft policy for trustee approval that meets the specific needs of your charity.  


 Management Review Services

As the funding market becomes increasingly competitive, and charities have to do more with less, its never been more important to work as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Being able to demonstrate to your supporters, funders and commissioning bodies that you take good governance seriously can make all the difference when it comes to securing funding and your charity’s future.

Whether you want to ensure your governing document is still fit for purpose and meets your charity’s needs, check that your financial controls are sufficiently robust, or review the way your charity is managed, our services are right for you. All our Management Review Services are based on Charity Commission and sector best practice guidance, so you can be confident that the review process is rigorous and the measures we use are consistent with Charity Commission requirements. You can use the report we produce to help you make improvements to the way you run your charity or to show funders and commissioners that you are an effective charity. 

There are other quality assessment systems available that involve the submission of evidence to an external assessor and a site visit to verify compliance with set measures to attain a quality mark. Our Management Review Services are designed to be a lighter-touch alternative to these assessments, but if you decide to apply for a quality mark we can help you with the self assessment stage and to prepare evidence for submission. 

So, whether you are looking for help to prepare for a quality assessment, or you just want to find out how you can improve the way you manage your charity, we can help.


Help when things go wrong

Sometimes running a charity doesn’t go as smoothly as you would like. Whether its due to factors outside of your control, a simple mistake, or because someone you trust lets you down, when things go wrong, it can be a very worrying and stressful time.

We offer a bespoke Advice and Support Service, so if things go wrong, we can help you to put them right.

The Charity Commission has a range of powers to protect charities that are at risk of misconduct or mismanagement. We have years of experience helping charities to get back on track. If you do experience problems, we can help you to work with the Charity Commission to put things right.  We will correspond with the Commission on your behalf to make this difficult time as stress free as possible, so you can concentrate on getting back on track as quickly as possible.


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