Amend Your Governing Document

As a charity grows and develops it is likely that changes will need to be made to the rules that govern it.  In many cases you will be allowed to make changes to your charity’s governing document without asking the Charity Commission for permission. If you are unsure about how to make the changes, or just need someone to do the work for you, we can help.

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Contact us and we will help you to make the changes you want and tell the Charity Commission about the changes on your behalf.


Charity Commission Permissions

On occasions you might find that the changes you want to make to your charity’s governing document will need the permission of the Charity Commission (for example, if you want to change its purposes).

There are other occasions when you might need to obtain Charity Commission permission to do something.  The circumstances when you will need permission are very varied and the law surrounding this can sometimes be quite confusing.

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Take a look at our Wise Words guidance for more information about when you might need to get permission to do something.



The Wise Owl Partnership specialises in obtaining the following legal permissions from the Charity Commission:

    Change your charity’s purposes

ii)   Amend your charity’s governing document
iii)  Pay trustees
iv)  Sell or lease property to someone connected to your charity

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Contact us to apply to the Charity Commission for one of these permissions on your behalf.

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