Change A Governing Document


Your governing document should be reviewed periodically to ensure that it continues to reflect your charity’s purposes and procedures. Trustees are accountable for administering the charity in accordance with its governing document, and this can be hampered if the document is out of date.

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A governing document is a legal document which sets out the rules under which your charity will operate

Your governing document should contain all of the key information you need to run your charity, including:

its objects – what the charity does
its powers – how the charity will carry out what is does
who will run the organisation
how it is to be run, including administrative arrangements for meetings, voting, looking after money, delegation to sub-committees
how administrative provisions can be changed
what happens if the charity wishes to or needs to wind up

As part of the service we will redraft your governing document and steer you through the whole process for making the changes. We will also prepare your draft resolution which will form a record of the changes as agreed by your trustees

Nb. Before you make any changes to your governing document you may need to obtain the permission of the Regulator – for example if you wish to change your objects clause. Before you proceed we will advise you on whether you are likely to require permission from the Regulator 

If you find that you will require permission from the Regulator to make changes to your governing document, please take a look at our Obtain Legal Permission service below 


If you would like to find out more about changing a governing document, click on the image and take a look at our Wise Words

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